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tv   Today  NBC  April 10, 2014 2:07am-3:01am PDT

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> it's a happy day around here. not just because it's winesday wednesday, april 9th, but any time kristin chenoweth is with you, it's a good day. broadway and film star. >> plus we'll have an actress that you're going to say i know her from somewhere, but you'll go where is it? we'll tell you all about her. >> she has a great book out. and roseanne barr. who says you don't get better with age? like a fine wine, hoda. you know what i'm sayin'? >> roseanne barr, we remember
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her as, you know, in a role, in the sitcom. >> yes, of course. >> you picture her -- if you close your eyes, that's probably what you think of when you think of her. >> that's how we saw her for many years. she appeared at a press event yesterday to promote her role on "last comic standing." >> look at her. >> wow! her appearance -- >> she looks great. >> she looks fantastic. >> really, really great. >> 53 years old, i think. 61. even better. and she's lost over 200 pounds since she had gastric bypass. >> she looks really good. speaking of someone who looks really good on the cover of "rolling stone." >> naked. >> julia louis-dreyfus. >> we hope we have that. >> she is on the cover of "rolling stone." and if you look at her on her back, she has the constitution written out. now, that's not in great taste, but here's the great thing about her. sometimes if you love the person, you go oh, my god, she's so funny. >> like if ellen did it.
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>> if ellen did it or she did it, you're, like, into it. >> if miley cyrus, you have a problem with it? is that what you're saying? >> look, it's funnier with her doing it. i don't know, the great thing about her is you guys know the show "veep." >> love that show. the mouth on that -- >> i can't -- is it on yet? it's back? it already started? >> it's back. here's a look at season one. >> i've met some people, okay, real people, and i've got to tell you, a lot of them [ bleep ]. >> how are you going to vote? >> the way my principles and coaches tell me to go. which way do you think that should be? >> experiencing some severe chest pains and we need to get you to the west wing immediately. >> i'm so sorry. >> she really is brilliant. >> if you've never seen it, that's just season one. >> you've got to be turned on to it. i've only seen season one, but it's hysterical. >> it's the third season on hbo.
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>> she is in great shape. she's got a fantastic figure. >> she does. speaking of body parts. sometimes people pause our show at certain moments and then save the freeze frame. >> oh, i hope not. >> and put it out for the masses to see. >> i hope not. >> jamie massy sent us this. on facebook. nice placement of cocktails. >> i have got to get some new brassieres. that was yesterday. that's hysterical. >> that was perfect. >> gosh, thank you for that. i needed a good laughy-poo. >> jimmy fallon got a good laugh at our expense. >> as usual. >> again. let's see what he had to say. >> finally i heard nbc is coming out with a new show similar to "america's funniest home videos." an nbc show where everyone stumbles around and falls, or as it's already known, the fourth hour of the "today" show. >> the man is brilliant.
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certainly he could get -- he could come up with something better than that. >> we are an easy zeitgeist. what was one of the things i wanted to do? the 78-year-old grandma in the netherlands had never been on a roller coaster. and it actually ended up being part of a television commercial, but she never really had been on a roller coaster. >> she had never been on a plane either. she was afraid. she said, well, i'll start on a roller coaster to get over her fear. >> this is a commercial for vodafone. take a look at granny on the plane -- i mean on the roller coaster. >> whoo! >> she's so cute. >> i love it. >> joy. >> what if she had a heart attack, though, while this was happening?
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>> she was enjoying herself. >> what a way to go. apparently she later did go on an airplane, too. i wonder if she laughed her way all the way to london. >> you know what? what a blast. what a great idea, though, to look at firsts, things you haven't done your whole life and you wish you could. >> some of my firsts, though, i wouldn't want televised. >> of course you wouldn't. okay. so in new york city, if you've ever ridden -- >> thank you, jerry. >> -- if you've ever ridden the subway, it's unlikely this happens. usually you see rats in the subway tracks, like if you're standing waiting for the train, you go ew, gross, there's one, there's one. very rarely do they wind up on the train, but some morning commuters were surprised that one did. just take a listen, and then we'll take a look at everyone's reaction. >> this is a mouse, right? >> no, it's a rat. >> people are just sitting there.
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>> i would be up on the chair in a minute. no way. >> hoda, hoda! ah! ah! >> oh, please. >> couldn't you have them so they moved, jerry? a little bit of motor action? oh, my god. >> give it up for blake. >> i gave you one of my best screams, and they don't even move. that is sad. >> okay. but wait. >> oh, let's just put it to our -- oh. >> oh, it vibrates. >> oh, in that case. >> it's a lap mouse. >> that was gross, jerry. >> thank you, jerry. that was just pitiful. >> by the way, on subways, that would be terrifying to have been on that thing when a mouse ran by. have you ever been in the presence of, like, a mouse or a rat or anything yourself? >> oh, yeah. i've seen them. we've had personal visitations
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on occasion. yep, yep, yep. they're nasty little things. all right. from last night on "the voice." >> yeah. >> i never want to see that again, jer. >> these are the playoffs. so they had five singers perform. this is on team blake. not that we're biased. so he had to send two of the people home. now, it was a great night for sisaundra, one who's been really terrific. we're going to let you watch her, and of course she got chosen. let's watch. ♪ ♪ the hudson river rise ♪ i'm in a new york ♪ i'm in a new york ♪ state of mind >> she's going to bring it home. >> wow. >> yeah. yeah, bring it home, baby. ♪ new york state of mind
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>> she hit notes grandma didn't. that's really great. we said from the very beginning this one could carry the whole thing. she was amazing. >> she is great, but there's not really a huge front-runner. that's what i like about this season. >> really? >> usually there's one. she's great, but there are so many great people. >> she also was a backup singer for celine dion. she's got great presence and experience. >> remember, how many are gone? one more is gone? two more. >> two are going to go home tonight. >> two are going home. only one survives. let's see which one. ♪ tell my mother ♪ tell my father ♪ i've done the best i can ♪ if our love is sanity ♪ why are you my remedy ♪ baby i don't care
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♪ have you ever seen california pick a spot on any old map ♪ >> wow, wow. >> you know what i think? >> who had to go home? >> one goes home, right? two go home. >> two. >> i think the guy who was saved was the cowboy hat. >> me, too. >> that's jake. >> ryan, i think, went home. >> right now is the toughest decision that i have ever had to make. i'm going to go with jake. >> jake worthington, third and final spot on team blake, to enter the live show. >> you know what it was? again, if you don't watch the show in its entirety -- thank you, guys, by the way. we heard them very well today. you have to go with such a visceral experience that you get from someone. >> yeah, yeah. >> and the minute he did one thing, i don't know if it was the modulation or what when he just kicked it. it was the only time you felt
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like a whoo! you've got to go with that. you've got to go with the visceral. >> so we have some sad news from the wwe. there was a passing of james hellwig. he was just recently, i think, inducted into the wwe hall of fame. >> yeah. he was the ultimate warrior. that's what everybody knows him as. >> he actually defeated hulk hogan, and that's sort of where he got a lot of his notoriety. anyway, it was really strange. they say he collapsed yesterday outside of an arizona hotel. he was walking to his car and just died. >> a young man, 54 years old. >> yeah, he's got two kids. anyway, it's just a real sad passing. >> i'm sure they'll be doing an autopsy. we wish his family all the best. coming, she's appeared in more than 80 tv shows and films, but do you know who judy grier is? >> the confessions of one of hollywood's biggest co-stars. i bet you know who this talented actress and singer is. >> kristin chenoweth. cute movie coming out.
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"rio 2." >> right after this. hey, have you guys heard about probiotics?
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for digestive health? yes and did you know that trubiotics is a daily probiotic that helps in two ways? it supports digestive and immune health by working in your gut where 70% of your immune system lives. try trubiotics today. she's appeared in some of your favorite movies and tv shows and was probably just on a commercial you saw today or yesterday. >> we are talking about judy grier who's had more than 80 film and tv roles, making us laugh as the bff in romantic comedies like "the wedding planner," "13 going on 30" and "27 dresses." >> yep. and she's also gotten a little raw on -- >> ooh. >> -- yeah, on the hit sitcom "arrested development," and took a dramatic turn in "the descendants." >> if you're thinking that's judy grier, that's the premise behind her book. it's called "i don't know what
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you know me from." "confessions of a co-star." >> it's so nice to meet you. >> it's nice to meet you. >> we loved you in "bridesmaids" even though you weren't in bridesmaids. >> do people walk up to you and ask you? >> yeah, more than i thought. it's nice to be included in that group of women, of course, you know, that people think i should have been in that movie. >> but down deep, you're kind of bitter, right? >> well, you know, when i think of the residual checks that those actresses are probably getting. >> just a hint of bitterness. >> i think it's great that you can be placed in so many different roles. >> oh, yeah. >> do you like playing the bff of so many people? >> i do, yeah. it's fun. i mean, you get more days off. yeah, you meet a ton of different people. you always have the funny lines. >> and you get some anonymity, too. you don't have to put up with some of the things -- not to say a-list, but the really well known. >> yeah. that life is tough. >> i know. hoda and i can barely deal with it. i know, back off, yeah.
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>> you have some great stories in your book that are fun. one of them -- well, we loved a bunch of them -- but the one about j. lo. you apparently go into bathroom stalls, and you are next to a lot of famous people? >> yeah. when you say it like that, you make it sound like i sort of stalk around the ladies room. >> it's a little weird, creepy. >> it's all been very organic the way it's coming up. but in "the wedding planner," they had a bathroom on the set that was our office. one day during a break, i think she was, like, i'm going to go to the ladies room. i thought, i should probably do that, too. >> while i have time. >> and while she's going. i really didn't think of it that way, though. i just followed her in and we went into the bathroom like you do when you're girls. >> together. hoda and i like to do that, too. >> what happened when you were in there? >> then we went to the bathroom, and then we washed our hands, and then she left. she's a much faster peer than i am. she was in and out with quickness. >> did you want to say something to her in there? >> i don't know. it's weird, right?
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>> when ellen was in the bathroom, and i didn't know what to say. oh, my god. >> you said nothing. nice flow. that's all you can really say to anybody. don't you think? nice flow. compliment people, hoda. it will get you far. but then people -- a lot of people apparently say oh, you're so much prettier in person. >> yes. how are you supposed to respond to that? >> i don't know how to respond to that. i say thank you. but sometimes if it's late at night and i've been out with a man and i say yeah, that's not really a compliment. >> one of the great stories in your book involved ashton kutcher. it made us fall in love with him again. >> tell me about it. >> tell that story. >> when i was shooting this tv pilot for "misguided" which did get on the air but then was immediately canceled. wah, wah. we were shooting the pilot. ashton was my boss. he was producing. he wasn't acting. late one night, he said what are you going to do if this show gets picked up? i'd love to buy my dad a harley.
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he really wants a motorcycle. he said if the show gets picked up, i'm going to buy your dad a harley. >> that's never going to happen, right? >> when our show got picked up, we have a big party for all the advertisers and his assistant slips me a card with my name on it, and there was a picture with a harley inside. and it said call this number to pick it up. >> isn't that great? >> are you kidding? a lot of people say nice things, but they forget. >> i say a lot of things and forget all of it. i was really shocked. and he's got to be way busier than i am, so that was pretty awesome. >> whose comedic work have you just really sort of been inspired by as you were developing your career? >> i mean, i always loved, like, "when harry met sally" and "tootsie" and "moonstruck." i know they're kind of older films, but that's what i watched when i was young, thinking those are real comedies. >> you're still young, and you are a delight. and the book is really entertaining. >> great. thank you so much.
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whoever you are, jane greer. it's an adorable book. coming up, we play "who knew?" >> and the bee teeth actress with a larger-than-life voice. kristin chenoweth. as a kid, i made a list of all the places i wanted to visit. i'm still not going to make it to mars, but thanks to hotwire's incredibly low travel prices, i can afford to cross more things off my list. this year alone, we went to the top of the statue of liberty... and still saved enough to go to texas-- to a real dude ranch! hotwire checks the competition's rates every day... so they can guarantee their low prices. so we got our 4-star hotels for half price. next up, hollywood! ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e ♪ save big on car rentals too, from $11.95 a day. for digestive health? yes and did you know that trubiotics is a daily probiotic that helps in two ways. it supports digestive and immune health by working in your gut where 70% of your immune system lives.
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try trubiotics today.
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>> announcer: this portion of "today" is brought to you by the new amex everyday credit card. last week we told you about american express's epic everyday getaway when we asked you to submit photos of your inspired everyday moments. >> you and your best friend could be chosen for a three-day
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getaway. we couldn't help but show you some of the cute ones we received. >> look at you, miss hoda. >> kelly, her 4-year-old playing next to her while she was taking a quick mom nap on the couch. when she woke up, she was covered in ponies. >> tina wheldon. he was trying to tell her he got it on his face and in his hair. he decided to lick the nutella off his mommy's face. he looks like baby george. >> he does. >> and karen sent the next photo. oh, my god, karen's a city police officer who works long hours. this picture was taken this past christmas when her husband drove an hour to bring her dinner and a christmas kiss from one of her sons. >> lovely.
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and this one is from sandra who always loves spending time with her two girls. she is her love for them is unconditional. and i think that's a sentiment that all parents understand very, very well. >> these are terrific, terrific pictures. it's not too late to submit a photo of your everyday mom moment. for all details, go to here's a question to get you started. >> name all the kids in "the brady bunch." >> can you do it? >> yes, i could. find out if you're right in a few minutes. greg, peter, bobby, marsha, marsha, marsha. >> uh-huh. >> jan. i can't do them all. >> you just said you could. >> cindy. there. alice. how about that one? >> alice? >> alice was the cleaning lady. >> that's not the kids. >> i just include the people in the boxes. >> wine for easter and passover. >> kristin chenoweth. big show.
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♪ here's the story of a lovely lady ♪ and we're back with more of "today" on this wednesday. ready to play a trivia game we call "who knew?" tomorrow is national sibling day. we're going to test your knowledge of famous siblings. kathie lee is across the street.
2:33 am
she's going to hand out 100 bucks to those who get the questions right. for those who don't, they get a kathie lee cd. >> not just any cd. >> it's a good one. here is tim stack who happens to have two brothers. >> i do. >> yes, you do. tim, we asked our viewers this question. >> okay. >> okay. >> those are my brothers, sorry, and my mom. and me. >> how cute. >> they're taller than me, but i'm on tv, so i win! take that, tall people. anyway, sorry. >> name all the -- we asked you to name all the kids in "the brady bunch," which i already did, but let's do it again. what are they? >> greg, marsha, peter -- >> you're reading them? you don't even know them? >> i'm sorry. >> you don't know them? >> no, not really. >> greg, peter, bobby, marsha, jan and cindy. >> this is a lovely lady from south carolina. which pair of sibles is the only
2:34 am
first to nominated for the academy awards? >> shirley maclaine and warren beatty? >> stop it. >> yea! you see? they turned the beat around. okay, the correct answer, jake and maggie gyllenhaal. >> yes, they both won. they were nominated. jake was nominated for "brokeback mountain," and maggie for best supporting actress for "crazy heart." they actually were in "donnie darko." >> true or false. peyton manning has won more super bowl titles than his brother, eli? >> false. >> yep. yep. >> so what's the correct answer, mr. sports man? >> i know, i know. perfect question for me. i just love sports. yeah, peyton has only won one super bowl. so i guess that's bad. and eli has won two with the new york giants. both against the patriots. sports.
2:35 am
>> i can tell tim cares so much. you're from cincinnati, right? which pair of sisters missed their high school prom because of a "saturday night live" gig? was it dakota and elle fanning? jessica and ashlee simpson or mary-kate and ashley olsen? >> "b." >> good try. ♪ >> the correct answer, mary-kate and ashley. >> they hosted "snl" in 2004, and they joked in their monologue they missed the prom because of that. they later went to nyu. but they dropped out because they are so rich. they don't need college. >> that's so cute. >> happy birthday, sweetheart. let's see if i can find the right card. in "star wars," who is luke and leia's father? darth vader? obi-wan kenobi? yoeda or orlando.
2:36 am
>> darth vader. >> darth vader. excellent. >> his real name is anakin skywalker, during a light saber dooushlgs as you do, he reveals that he's luke's father. luke is like no and he chops off his hand. >> back across the street. >> she is from minnesota and has ten siblings and your mom is here, too, right? god bless you. which of the following celebrities does not have a twin brother or sister? kiefer sutherland? kate hudson? vin diesel? or gisele bundchen? >> there can't be two gisele bundchens. >> there apparently are. i know. excuse me? >> the correct answer is kate hudson. >> kate hudson does not have a twin. gisele does have a twin. her name is patricia. >> are they identical? >> i don't think so. she has an older brother, oliver. >> thanks, tim. we love it when you're here.
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here's some trivia. what should your kids be eating every day? we'll have the answers. plus tony and emmy winner kristin chenoweth is coming up right after this. sportier. annnd done. ok maxwell, just need to ah contact your insurance company with the vin number. oh, i just did it. with my geico app. vin # is up to the loaded. ok well then jerry here will take you through all of the features then. why don't weeeeeeeeeeee go out to the car. ok, i'll just be outside... ok, yeah. his dad is my boss. yeah. vin scanning to add a car. just a tap away on the geico app. avthis is megan's gym. for those who believe serious exercise doesn't have to feel so serious.
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one a day woman's vitacraves with key nutirents like calcium and vitamin d. all the fun of a gummy that's a complete multivitamin.
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kristin chenoweth is one of hollywood's most talented actresses and singers in films and broadway productions. >> she won a tony in "you're a good man, charlie brown." >> her newest project has her playing a poisonous frog in love with a big, bad bird in the new animated film "rio 2." >> so cute. >> take a look. >> only one who knows what it feels like to be all alone, misunderstood. you're the evil to my levil. >> i can see why they call you
2:41 am
gabby. where are you, you filthy fowl? whoa! >> oh! >> oh, it's so cute. we love having you. your voice is so distinctive, too. i bet they didn't even think of any other actress. >> i don't know, but i was, like, are you serious? i'm going to play this pink poisonous frog? >> and you wore chartreuse through the whole film. we all can relate to that. we all have done our naming through the years. >> yes, we have. this time it's on her, and she can't kiss him or touch him or she'd kill him. i always say she's a little bit of a stalker because he doesn't love her back, but she just won't give up. >> it's an adorable score, and i sing a love song to him while he's sleeping that is classic. >> everybody loves you when you're asleep, you know. >> and your operatic voice.
2:42 am
how many octaves do you have, missy? >> i love that you're asking this question because you know. >> no, i think it's got to be four at least. >> i sing from a low "e" to a high "e." >> so how many is that? >> that's four. >> wow! >> can i count my octaves? >> how do you do it? you're itty bitty? >> you're just a peanut. stop it. the littlest you've ever been. >> am i shrinking? >> a little. but not the reason that i'm shrinking. >> you know how we talk about her cute boyfriend. >> oh, my gosh. we were there at the academy awards, and who comes waltzing by by this lovely poisonous frog. he's very cute. >> a little bit on the risque side, given what he's working on, "50 shades of grey." >> he's one of the producers, right? >> he's one of the producers. >> tell everyone what happened when you took him home to
2:43 am
norman, oklahoma, to meet your parents who are very baptist, as i remember. >> they were very sweet. they don't know what "50 shades of grey" is. >> it's a hair color. >> pretty much. she would agree. he's doing this movie. they wanted to know, what's it about? dana was like uh, uh, uh. i said, it's this book. it's hard to explain. you'll just have to read it. she goes" 50 shades of grey." that's not what i think it is, is it? and she used the "p" word. >> what word? >> porn. and at that point my boyfriend had a heart attack. but it's not. it's very tastefully done. it's not that. it's a good book. >> did you read it? did you read the book? >> when she wasn't reading the bible, yes, she was reading that book. >> that's me. >> that's you. that's kristin. >> i was on tour and i would not even give an encore. i was, like -- i would read, read, read and go do another show. what's wrong with me? >> it's juicy.
2:44 am
kath, you've got to get in there, get into it. >> who has not read -- i love you. and let me get back to the frog. >> please, please. >> this is an adorable little movie. and how are you feeling? because you took that -- and david letterman, i know some people are mad at him because he dropped a sandbag near you and thought it was hysterical. what was that about? >> you know, it weighed about as much as a pillow. >> really? >> it scared me when i saw the clip. >> oh, did it scare you? >> i jumped and i looked at your face and i said, my god, is she going to have posttraumatic? >> but i do look up wherever i'm at now. >> she's an unbelievable trouper. >> everything's okay? you're back in business? >> i'm back in business. it's taken a while. you know, and i still feel it, but i'm getting there. i'm alive. >> you're an optimist. >> quit trying out all that stuff in "50 shades" and you'll heal up. stop hanging from the chandelier. "rio 2" opens nationwide this
2:45 am
friday. it's very cute. forget to pack fruits and veggies in your child's lunch? >> find out how important they are and what they need to eat every day. >> that's how we do it here. hey, have you guys heard about probiotics?
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for digestive health? yes and did you know that trubiotics is a daily probiotic that helps in two ways? it supports digestive and immune health by working in your gut where 70% of your immune system lives. try trubiotics today.
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all parents want their kids to eat healthy, but do you know how much your child is supposed to be eating every day? >> stop worrying. we have a guideline to take you from pre-k to the 12th grade. >> manuel is a registered dietitian for toolkit sponsored by pierson. >> and madeline bernstrom is a health and diet editor. welcome to you both. this is a smart segment. so we're trying to figure out what our kids need through the years. >> starting with pre-k. >> right. and requirements are different. don't ruin your kid. parents, your lives are already over with eating. >> hey, your lives are over. >> we enjoy a meal or two still, right? >> what does a little kid need from ages 4 to 8. this is a plate -- this is a typical meal for them. okay? and you want to avoid the clean plate club. if this is too much, don't force them to finish. but they need to get more requirements, an additional
2:50 am
serving a day of each. >> let's talk fats. >> fats are so important, brain development, growth, you know. and so many other things. and we have some healthy things here. let's watch allergies. walnuts. >> a lot of kids do have those nut allergies. >> almond, avocado, put it on a sandwich, it's delicious. >> what about tuna fish in the middle, let them scoop it out. >> then we have iron foods. kids run the risk for iron deficiency. >> really? little kids, you don't think about that. >> they need iron foods like beans and dried foods and of course broccoli. but what kid eats broccoli? >> not many. >> this is where role models come into play. every time i'm around, my nephew is eating broccoli. >> man up. okay. >> because kids don't eat a lot
2:51 am
of meat. i know this is a new kind of beef jerky which is called krave with a "k" because it comes in flavors like black cherry and barbecue. kids don't really like a lot of fruits or dried fruits, they're like potato chips but they're fruit. also with little kids, don't force them to eat. you may need to talk to your pediatrician. they may need to have a vitamin, which is not a bad thing. >> what is this, middle school? >> can i have this plate, please? >> yes. >> we're going to compare. here's our 4 to 8. then we're going to look at the big kids. the middle schoolers are somewhere in between. >> yes. so here we have now 9 through 13. growth spurts. they're more hungry. they really want to eat. you know, girls are age 10, they're hungrier. >> they're going into puberty. >> you want to have healthy snacks throughout. let's have options like sweet potato fries and greek yogurt and fruit. you want to have options and things they can pick and eat. >> and it's important for them to eat when they're hungry, not when you're hungry.
2:52 am
>> you want to keep them on a schedule, though. >> yeah. >> that's true, too. >> structuring and then having some snacks around really helps. >> so now we have here 14 to 18. >> this is a typical meal for them. >> the thing here now, they're socializing. they're skipping meals all the time. >> they're dieting, unfortunately. >> they are. >> dieting, eating is not a priority anymore. >> what should they do? >> what we need to do is have healthy options again. big knac snacks on the go and go back to family time. set up rules. in the morning, sit down, eat with the family. >> thank you. madeline, thank you. >> thank you. coming up, the best wines for easter and passover to bring or to serve. >> our wine guy ray is here. first this is "today" on nbc.
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two major holidays are right around the corner. monday at sundown, jew also mark the start of passover while christians mark easter the next sunday. >> whether you're hosting dinner or sunday brunch, we want you to have delicious wines to pair with your feast. editor for "food & wine" magazine, ray isle. >> hello to you. i'm glad to be back. >> we're glad you're back. starting with passover. >> the first couple are passover wines. the first one, sparkling for passover has always been a problem. you've seen the black bottle you see everywhere. they finally released a kosher wine for passover. it's affordable, about $15. crisp, very champagnelike. you know, beautiful kind of acidy fruit. >> hoda will be the judge of that. >> i like that. >> that's pretty tasty. >> sweeter. >> it's got a little bit of sweetness. >> i like that.
2:57 am
>> and then we get to israeli wine, actually. >> they're making some lovely wines now. >> this is the fusion. it's merlo plus cabernet. again, about $15, very affordable. you know, not -- you know, people associate with passover the big sweet reds. >> yeah. >> this is a real wine. this is a really -- you know, delicious. >> i like that. >> that's not my favorite. >> too sweet? >> too acidic for you? >> this is your thing, i think. >> well, not really, but i can't talk about it. >> this is kind of cool. this is called the tribe. it is a california chardonnay from lodi made by jeff morgan who's making some terrific napa cabernets that are kosher. >> this is kosher, too. >> kosher for passover. it's a bit of a splurge, $30. those are 15 and 15. affordable enough. >> there's a range. >> always with wines, if you go to the wine store and ask for a case, 12 bottles, you tend to
2:58 am
get a discount which cuts the price down. for big entertaining holidays, that's a great tip. easter to me is reverse and spring and rose. that's where i go, you know, to start with. >> that doesn't even look like the color of rose. >> it's a big, juicy rose with a lot of kind of bright cherry fruit to it. again, this is about 13 bucks. just a lovely, juicy line that i think is wonderful. you guys are skeptical about it. >> how does this compare to a regular, a rose that we're used to? >> that's going to be a little richer, a little darker, sort of sweeter fruit. it's typically provence. you can go that direction, too. >> what would you serve that with? >> with hors d'oeuvres. that's the start of the meal kind of thing. and also, because it's suddenly nice weather. you could drink it outside on the porch. >> how much did you say?
2:59 am
>> and that is about $13. and then barbara, a california version of an italian wine variety. easter is always ham or lamb basically, one of of the two. you want a wine that's not too tannic but has some oomph to it. that's affordable so you can serve it to a lot of people. $10, $12. and to me, i mean, it's a little acidic without food. acidity in wine, you need that food to counteract the acidity. >> i just used my imagination and just had a lamb chop. is this a port? >> 10-year-old tawny port. a splurge for dessert. it's $36, but you can find it for less than $30. >> you don't drink a lot. >> take a sip and it's great with chocolate eggs, which is key for easter. >> thanks so much, ray. great to see you. >> tomorrow, academy award actress goldie hawn. >> a tribute to the life and work of billy graham.
3:00 am
several of his grandchildren are going to sit down with us. >> have a great wednesday. >> have an awesome wednesday. >> i'm here to help. you and i will get through this together. ♪ ♪


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